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  • One affordable monthly payment
  • Stop interest and charges
  • Write off a significant percentage of your debt
  • Protect your home and vehicle
  • Stop worrying calls and letters from your creditors
  • Stop court and bailiff action

We typically deal with debts such as; credit cards, personal loans, overdrafts, council tax arrears, catalogues, HMRC, store cards, payday loans and many more


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    For debts less than £5000, use our contact us page and we may be able to help you with a debt management plan.

    You need to have more than one debtor to qualify


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    • Legally binding on your creditors.
    • Prevents further legal action.
    • Freezes all further interest and charges.
    • Normally creditors write off some of their debt.
    • You will keep your property if you are a homeowner.
    • Procedures available to take account of changed circumstances.
    • Will normally allow you to continue to trade, if you are self employed. You can also in most circumstances continue to act as a Director of a limited company.
    • Will provide protection for unknown debts such as unpaid tax or overpaid tax credits.
    • Overseen by an insolvency practitioner who is highly regulated and fully insured.
    • Highly flexible and can include a lump sum in full and final settlement with potential completion of the IVA in a matter of months.


    • You will normally pay in to an IVA for 2 more years than a bankruptcy.
    • Your credit record will be adversely affected until one year after successful completion of your IVA.
    • Your details will be entered on to a register that can be accessed via the internet.
    • If you receive unexpected money during the IVA, such as an inheritance or a PPI refund, you will have to pay the proceeds in to the IVA.
    • If you are a homeowner you will be asked to attempt to release equity in to the IVA in the last year.

    Individual Voluntary Arrangement (“IVA”) Advice

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    Johnson Geddes

    We’ve been providing IVA’s to our customers for a long time and have built a reputation of objective and sympathetic advice. Here’s why our customers rate us:

    95%+ IVA approval rate

    As we only charge fees once an IVA is approved, we will only recommend one if we are confident it will be successful and is the right option for you.

    Trained IPs, no middle men

    Unlike many IVA practitioners, we work with our customers on a personal basis, meaning advice is tailored to individual circumstances.

    1000’s of satisfied clients

    We’ve helped 1000’s of people service their debts and avoid bankruptcy, both in the North-West and across the whole United Kingdom.


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    Johnson Geddes is a member firm of and regulated by the Insolvency Practitioners Association

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